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Modx - THE Content Management Framework
Why we build with Modx™

So many content management systems, so little time. From WordPress to Joomla to Drupal to Squarespace to TYPO3 to…yea. The open source CMS list seems to go on and on.

How does one choose a platform that can do everything, but not too much? That isn’t bloated with unnecessary garbage, but has cutting edge features and extras? That is extremely secure, without the need for an in-house Nick Burns? That is easy and even *gasp* fun to use?

We answer all of the above with one word – Modx™.

Here’s why:

  • Flexibility.
    Without a doubt the single biggest reason we love modx is it’s inherent flexibility. Whatever the end-goal of your website or web application – informational, interactive, user-driven, blog, e-commerce, mobile, or some combination thereof; modx can handle it. The back-end can be structured for the explicit needs of the project at hand, and it’s robust API and Object-oriented core make it a prime choice for even the most custom Web apps.
  • It gets out of your way.
    This is a bit of a sub-point to the above. As a developer, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to hack through bloated code, just to get a basic website layout in place. A content manager should get out of the way and provide a platform for updating and managing content easily. It shouldn’t make developing a basic HTML layout painful. Modx’s templating system is the best I’ve ever come across, allowing you to write your markup and code how you prefer. Learn the basic templating syntax, and you’re off to developer beulah land.
  • Community.
    This is what makes an open source platform truly special, and when it comes to finding helpful friends, modx shines. Support can be found in a variety of places: the modx forums, twitter, youtube, as well as various blogs like that of mr. mark hamstra. The patience and support I’ve received in the last 4 years is one of the main reasons I’ve chosen modx as my platform of choice. From core developers of the platform, all the way to other end-users, the community is there to help.
  • User Interface.
    With Modx Revolution (the latest iteration of the CMS) came some outstanding UI improvements. In general, I’ve trained folks from twenty-something nerds to seventy-something great-grandmas…and they all enjoy modx. That’s saying something. And because of the aforementioned flexibility, the manager can take on the necessary form for the specific needs of any given site (when properly developed).
  • Extras.
    While WordPress may be the king of the plugin and widget, modx isn’t too far behind. From image galleries to calendars, resource aggregators to blogging functionality, user registration to search, you can do it with modx. And if by some off-chance it hasn’t been done before, it definitely can be!
  • Easy Installation.
    As long as your system meets the necessary requirements, installing modx is about as straight-forward as they come.
  • Foxycart.
    What does an e-commerce solution have to do with our favorite content management system, you ask? Pretty much everything. Like modx, foxycart looks to do what it does best and integrate with other systems that do what they do best. The combination of modx + foxycart can handle just about any e-commerce scenario, no matter how streamlined, or robust.

These are just some of the reasons why we generally choose modx for our web projects. It’s not to say that other platforms don’t have their place, as we use WordPress and Xcart from time to time for specific needs.

But it is to say – our hearts are belong to Modx™.

If you find yourself delaying any and all website updates due to fear of that insane-back-end-admin-thing that is supposed to help you update your website, but instead haunts your dreams… contact us. We’d love to turn your sorrow into joy using modx.

And if you’re a developer, run (don’t walk) to download the latest iteration of Modx Revolution (and be sure to thank us later).


Your explanation was truly correct & 100% true.
Because when I started to have a small business for hosting & development, I gave my time to searching, testing and comparing the other popular CMS’, but none of them met my requirements.
Since my experience was only a template designer and I don’t have much knowledge in programming. That’s why I choose MODx…was the perfect CMS for me…
A big thanks to ryan thrash and the other members of MODx..

alyainec, 06.13.12 08:26

very true, alyainec. no better CMS out there! glad you found Modx as we did. and big ups to ryan and the team are definitely in order!

nickff, 06.13.12 08:58